Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

Men socks without heel


My first project (1 of 11 of wips [work in progress]/ufos [unfinished objects]) of 2019 is finished. Finished it in the night from 13th to 14th of January.

I knitted the sockes toe up, the heel is made as a spiral. The leg I made half of k, and the rest 2 k/2p.

Brand: I missed the label, will add it if I found it again.
Material: 75% wool and 25% acrylic.
Size: German 43
Color: light grey to black
Needles: 2,5

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019

Faro, Algarve, Portugal Part 1


back in December 2016 I went to Faro with a friend. Faro is down in the South of Portugal, and a very small town, with an even smaller old town (500 square meters) Faro even have its own airport and you can reach it by airplain within 45 minutes. But, if you count check-in time in, then you don't save really time accordingly to train. You might can have a different between the prices. Which is, if you bought your train ticket latest 7 days before you travel you pay 21 EUR per person. If you don't use the discount, you pay around 30€ for train ticket. Ticket for flight is around 200 EUR.

Our hotel was close to the train station and to the old town. Even the city wall is nearly complete around the old city. 

 Vor unserem Hotel

A crip in a light house. And at the left side you had a small place with a Christmas market.

 Palmtrees and Christmas presents. Not used for the German eye. And, as you see rain down at the Algarve. It will be our compangion during the next days.

  This church was teasing us during the vacation very hard. First a wedding, then a ususal church service.
 Welcome to the old town. We even went here another time.

Faros Shopping Center Centro do Commercio da Faro. Christmas decoration. Not really fit, if you think about beaches and warm countries.


Samstag, 12. Januar 2019

On the needles - 01/19


I really forgot about that link party. But happy that I found it again. Love to watch others progress on this "party". And might someone like my stuff too. Who knows.

Today, I want to show you, what I want to do in January 2019.
 This green piece will be a frog, if I finished it. Have to do 3 of them, and my goal to finished them FINALLY is March 2019. So, one month for each should be possible. What do you think?

brand: No brand printed on it.
Material: 100 % cotton
weight and messurement: 50 g ~ 84 meters
color: green (529.0197/57647)
washable: 60°
needle: 3.5 - 4.5 (I use 4.0)

 This pair of socks was planed as a Christmaspresent for my father. Saddly I only was able to give him one sock. But the other one is nearly done. And my goal is to finish it by the end of the month.

I saddly lost the paper with all information to the wool. :(

This should  become a granny square blanket. I want to cover all sqaures in beige before I stich them together. And, I am not sure, if I have enough of that wool. Cross fingers please.

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Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2019

Rainday scarf MKAL

My raindayscarf, knitted back in 2017 as a mystery knit along . I still love that scarf. And, should I tell you a secret? I have another bunch of wool bought for that scarf. :) And, I have a leftover from that wool, from what I want to make a headband... One day... 

Brand: Rubi Ensueno
Material30% Merino 70 % Acryl
weight and yardage: 100 g ~190m
Washable  30° C

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

Mobius with braids repost


This is for sure an old handicraft. I totally forgot about it on my old web blog. This was a Christmas present for a pen pal in 2017. It's a mobius with a lengh of 67 cm and it is twisted on the back side. I am so sorry, but, I checked my old web blog for more details, but, I don't have any information about the material. Since I bought that wool in Lisbon, I do not have the posibility to go to the store and check for it again. This mobius have a lot of shades of blue. And the friend was totally happy when she received it. :)



Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2018

Merry Christmas


I want to wish you a very merry Christmas. Might your wishes comes true. 💜

How do you celebrate Christmas? Tell me about the tradition of you and your country. 😊

In Germany, it is tradition, that the "Christkind" will come at the late afternoon or early evening of the 24.12. the Christmas eve. (in some Parts of Germany we also have santa Clause. But not like the american one. This one is coming earlier in December)

Our tradition is, we will have a small and easy cooked dinner at Christmas eve. Such thing like fried sausages and potato salad. Then, we will have the part where we open the gifts we got. In the past, when my brother an me where kids, we had to stay at our rooms till we heard a small bell ringing. This sound was the information, that the "Christkind" was here and left our presents under the tree. Not only under the tree, it also brought our tree fully decorated at the 24. of December. We never have our tree earlier than that date. And at the 6. of January we put it out of the house. I know a time, when my parents have a huge discussing about that, because my mother said, 2 weeks is more than enough to have that tree in the apartment, when we are not able to use the plugs because of the lights and not enough space. My father always wanted to have the tree until the 2nd of February (it is called Lichtmesse). But my mom alsways won that battle.

This year, we already put on the tree one day earlier. It looks nice, even if we missed some decoration stuff.

And, it is always tradition in our family, that we wear good cloths. Not the cloths we wear during the days, which are dirty and cosy and that... This year I actually decided to wear a red summer dress, which I bought earlier this year in Lisbon.

My gifts this year, where 5 times of physiotherapy, one candle glas a pack of tea.

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Natal



Montag, 24. Dezember 2018

Back to the roots


since I've decided to close my old web block in May 2018, I got some thoughts of reopening a web blog again during the past days. But, I wanted to start complete new. I didn't want to have test, or reviews, or stuff like this. I only want to have in my web blog, what I currently do.

And, what is that "currently doing"?

At the moment I like to knit and handicraft and also doing some sightseens. That means, my web blog will be filled with stuff I made by myself, wool, paper and polymer clay. And also, I will show you around, when I am visting new places.

Andreia is the Portuguese version of Andrea, and since I've lived in Portugal for 3,5 years, I've decided to use that nick name.

Take care und hugs.


Men socks without heel

Hello, My first project (1 of 11 of wips [work in progress]/ufos [unfinished objects]) of 2019 is finished. Finished it in the night from...